WeightTraining.com Review

When it comes to building muscle, it’s all about calories and exercise. Without lifting weights an eating right, you will not build muscle. With so many websites and people claiming to know about weight training, it can be difficult to learn what works.

WeightTraining.com is a leading resources for anyone who wants to lose weight and build muscle. Check out our review below to see what we think of this website.

Benefits of WeightTraining.com

WeightTraining.com has an incredible collection of exercise and workout plans all available for free. The exercise section has hundreds of videos all organized into categories so you can easily find exercises for the area you want to workout such as abs or shoulders. Each exercise has a video and written description. You could spend hours searching the Internet for videos or you can just go to their exercise section and find what you need in seconds to form you own workout.

The workout plans section is also very useful. They have many interesting free workout plans to choose from such as the 300 Workout Plan and Jessica Biel Workout Plan. Each plan tells you exactly what to do and when. All the exercises in each plan have accompanying videos and you are even told what equipment you will need. Plans come in three levels: beginner, intermediate and expert.

One of my favorite parts of the website is the challenges section. Challenges are great because setting small goals is a reliable way to ease into long-term weight loss. Whether you are trying to stop drinking soda for one month or want to reach 500 crunches a day, there are challenges for all.

Disadvantages of WeightTraining.com

The free content on this site is great, but the premium content is a bit lacking. I wish there were a few more premium workout plans and maybe some diet guides and such that go above and beyond the free content. Also, while I like the social network feel of the website things like points and badges seem a bit unneeded unless you get a kick out of it.

Final Thoughts

WeightTraining.com is simply an incredible resource for anyone who wants to lose weight and build muscle. It has plenty of content for both men and women and new stuff is added often. Upgrading to the pro account is only $5 a month and has content that is well worth it. If you need some good workout plans to lose weight on the cheap, you could find just what you are looking for at WeightTraining.com.

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