TurboFire Review

TurboFire Review

TurboFire is the intense 90-day cardio training that promises to burn nine times the fat of traditional cardio exercising through a series of “Fire Drills,” called High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or your money back.

The Fire Drills are one-minute bursts of maximum intensity routines followed by a short recovery period. TurboFire’s HIIT workouts enable you to finish your workout in half the time of a regular workout.

The afterburn effect of your HIIT workout keeps your body burning calories and fat for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished your workouts. Delivered to your doorstep for under $150, that’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day to get your body into TurboFire shape.

Benefits of TurboFire

Creator Charlene Johnson has set the routines to “smoking hot” music to help you stay on track and push you to and beyond your limits. She’s spent years testing the workouts to ensure that each routine can be modified so that anyone—from the 21-year old former cheerleader to the 65-year old retiree—can work through the program and get results.

When TurboFire arrives at your door, you’ll receive the main program, which consists of 10 DVDs as well as an array of bonuses and gifts. The DVD titles are numbered to indicate how long each class lasts. You’ll receive the following DVDs:

  • Get Fired Up, Charlene’s introduction to the program
  • Fire 30 Class/Stretch 10 to practice leaps and hooks
  • HIIT 15 Class/Stretch 10, your first HIIT routines
  • Fire 55 EZ Class/Stretch 10—just forget that you see the letters EZ
  • Fire 45 Class/Stretch 10, 45 minutes of kicking, dancing and punching
  • HIIT 20 Class/Stretch 10, 20 minutes of seven Fire Drills
  • Fire 45 EZ Class/Stretch 10, gives you a breather from the Fire Drills but not the intensity
  • HIIT 25 Class/Stretch 10, the most intense Fire Drills you’ll ever do
  • Sculpt 30 Class/Tone 30, utilizing resistance bands for sculpting the body
  • Stretch 40 Class/Stretch 10, full of stretches to increase flexibility

To supplement the main workout program, TurboFire includes a number of bonuses and free gifts: Turbo Sculpting Band, TurboFire Lower Body Band, a Core 20 Class DVD to firm up the abs and core, a nutrition guide, a fitness guide and class schedule. To get you off to a fast start, a 5-Day Inferno Plan is included which helps you to lose up to 10 pounds in five days.

Finally, to keep you on-track and motivated, you receive access to a 24/7 online support community, consisting of fellow TurboFire members as well as fitness experts.

Disadvantages of TurboFire

While Charlene guides you through the routines with step-by-step instructions, users caution that you need to watch the routines several or more times before attempting to perform them in order to keep up with the video. The complexity of the moves as well as the pace of moving from one routine to the next can be frustrating and intimidating at first, but once you get the routine down, the workouts are fast, furious and fun. Try the no-music option until you master the moves, and then blast away…

Final Thoughts

If the continual jumping and lunging of other intense programs is too much for your knees, you’ll receive similar benefits from TurboFire without the constant wear and tear on fragile knees. For those who have longed for an effective dance cardio workout that actually builds lean muscle, TurboFire delivers. And, if for some reason it doesn’t, you’ll have a full 90 days to claim your refund.

If, however, you make it through the 90 days and send in before and after photos, you’ll be rewarded with the free TurboFire tank tee to show off your new and improved TurboFired-up body.

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