Slim In 6 Review

Slim In 6 Review

Slim in 6 is designed for anyone wanting a slimmer, firmer body—yesterday and was designed by celebrity fitness trainer, Debbie Siebers.

This fitness program is guaranteed to produce six pounds of weight loss accompanied by six inches of fat loss in just six weeks—provided that you follow the six days on, one day off routine for the full six weeks—all for less than $75.

Benefits of Slim In 6

The program provides a combination of aerobic and resistance exercises meant to reshape the entire body in just six weeks. The program follows a progression, each phase building on the earlier phases, all set to music. If you don’t want the distraction of music, you can mute the music and still hear the instructions.

The Slim in 6 workout program consists of three main DVDs, three bonus exercise DVDs, the 6 Day Express Diet Plan to jumpstart your weight and inch loss, the Slim Training Bank and a calendar, tape measure and charts to help you chart your progress. For additional motivation, you can check in online 24/7 with a community of your peers.

Week one starts off with the Start It Up! DVD, thirty minutes of slimming moves to burn calories and begin the process of reshaping your body. Weeks two and three, you move to the Burn It Up! DVD, which guides you through almost an hour of more intense calorie-burning exercises to accelerate your results. The final two weeks, you’ll spend just over an hour on slimming and toning with the Burn It Up! DVD, which completes your intense body reshaping.

In addition to the core DVDs above, you’re encouraged to run through the quarter-hour Slim & Limber DVD on your day off. The package also includes a short, intense Slim &Pack DVD with advanced abdominal exercises and the Cardio Core! Express, combining aerobics with core strengthening exercises.

Disadvantages of Slim In 6

You’ll perform the same exercises each day of the week until you advance to a new phase. The Slim In 6 workout program is not designed to build muscle—that requires a recovery period for a set of muscles after each day that you exercise them. This program is designed to slim and sculpt, to reshape your body and give it definition–rapidly.

Further, the program is not meant as a lifetime program—it’s a jump-start program, and according to those who stick with the program for six weeks, it delivers exactly what it promises. If you fall in love with the Slim In 6, there is a follow-on program that will challenge you after you’ve mastered the Slim in 6.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a workout program to get you up off the couch and to provide quick slimming and sculpting results for a minimum outlay of cash—less than $75 delivered to your doorstep—the Slim In 6 was designed for you. It’ll get you back on the road to fitness faster than you can say, “But it won’t work for me.”

In just six short weeks, you’ll look in the mirror and you’ll say, “But it did work for me. Why on earth did I wait so long?” Just try it—you have nothing at all to lose except pounds and inches!

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