P90X Review

P90X Review

P90X is the Cadillac of at-home workout programs and the brainchild of fitness expert Tony Horton. This is not your father’s workout!

It promises to get you back into shape in just 90 days for $140, including shipping and handling—or your money back. If you’re already in shape, it promises to sculpt the body you’ve always wanted in just 90 days.

Benefits of P90X

P90X incorporates cutting edge science, and it’s based on the concept of muscle confusion. By routinely shaking up your workout, the muscles stay in a constant state of “confusion,” which means that you’ll never reach the dreaded plateau. Variety and intensity characterize P90X and ensure that your body will continue to respond beyond the 90 days.

The P90X program includes 12 DVDs, each a different workout targeted to accomplish a different goal. It leaves no stone unturned in the 12 routines: Chest and Back; Plyometrics, a routine of aerobic jumping; Shoulders and Arms; Yoga; Legs and Back; Kenpro X, a cardio punching and kicking workout; Core Synergistics; Chest, Shoulder and Triceps; Back and Biceps; Cardio X; and Ab Ripper X.

In addition to the workout routines, the P90X includes a three-phase diet nutrition plan that tracks the progression of the workout program and helps the body to recover from the workouts while speeding the body’s ability to lose fat and build muscle.

It begins with a high concentration of lean protein during the Fat Shredder phase, moves on to include more carbs during the Energy Booster phase and culminates with an athletic diet during the Endurance Maximizer phase. Each phase includes meal plans and recipes and gives you the foundation for eating right to gain the maximum benefit from the P90X weight loss program.

Track your progress with the included workout calendar, the downloadable workout sheets, a fitness guide, and when inspiration evades you, check in online with the free online support at the P90X community. You can gain inspiration from the community of users as well as fitness experts 24/7.

You’ll need to provide a few things other than motivation: a small workout space, a set of resistance bands of dumbbells and a pull-up bar. The entire workout takes about an hour each day.

Disadvantages of P90X

P90X is not for the faint of heart. However, the underlying philosophy is not, “I can’t,” but rather, “I presently struggle with…” In other words, if you’re out of shape, you cannot set the expectation of lollygagging your way through the routines or even getting through the routines when you first start. Instead, you start from the baseline of what you can presently do and you build from there.

If you’re the type who discourages easily, you might want to achieve some minimum level of fitness before beginning the P90X program. Better yet, accept your limitations and work to better your personal best with each subsequent workout.

Final Thoughts

The reviews of the P90X are nothing less than stellar. Many who purchased the program had trouble in the beginning but stuck with it and have made it to the 90-day “finish line.” Those who stuck with the program report excellent results, results well beyond what they had expected. At less than $150, this is a steal of a program, and it’s backed by Tony Horton’s reputation and a full 90-day no-hassle refund option.

If you’re eager for a challenge, not afraid of hard work and willing to do what it takes to develop the lean, mean, sculpted body you’ve always wanted, do yourself a favor and take a serious look at P90X. This is one program that challenges and returns the benefits in spades. What have you got to lose by giving it an honest try—other than fat?

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