How to Keep Your Job from Destroying Your Diet

How to Keep Your Job from Destroying Your Diet

You spend a tremendous amount of time at your job. How do you keep your job from destroying your diet?

Vending machines, office parties, snack-attack co-workers, and early morning doughnut boxes are lurking around every corner—just waiting to tempt you away from your determination to lose weight. How can you navigate through this junk food mine field?

Locate Diet Hazards

The first step in protecting yourself is to recognize the evils in the environment and where they hide. For example, if a co-worker keeps communal candy in her cubicle, don’t stop there and chat in front of it. Although it sounds cynical, be wary of work friends.

Consider telling your lunch buddies that you’re changing your habits; otherwise, be aware that they’ll try to lead you into temptation with their sugary, cream-based coffee drinks, “walks” to the vending machine, and claims about the necessity of afternoon soda pick-me-ups. Remember that these people don’t see you in your bathing suit—the extra fat around your waist will affect you, not them!

However, some of the most sinister temptations in a work environment can be emotional. Avoid feelings that you “deserve” a treat, the enjoyment of secret sinful snacking, and eating as a cure for boredom. Stay motivated by keeping your goal in mind. Sure, maybe a bunch of people are going out for an onion ring binge, but remind yourself about your mission to look incredible and feel healthy.

Always be Prepared

The most important step in protecting your healthy diet is to always be prepared. Pack your lunch every day. Remember that the deli down the street does NOT play on your weight loss team—their Reuben sandwich can pack 750 calories, not including the French fries.

The only way to ensure that you have healthy, calorie-conscious food to eat is if you bring it; this goes double for snacks! Your desk should have a full supply of water and healthy snacks at all times, but as a last resort, go online and check the nutrition information for the restaurant foods in your work vicinity; who knows—your favorite deli might have a smart turkey Reuben wrap with half the calories!

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  1. Moshfiqul Bari
    Moshfiqul Bari says:

    This is a very good post. Emotional eating is one of the links to obesity. And it usually happens when one is stressed from a JOB or personal situation. The best thing is to do the following things when stressed and we feel the need to eat:
    – talk to a friend
    – drink lots of liquids first
    – do breathing exercises
    – ask yourself, are you really hungry?
    – snack healthily
    Next thing you know, you are now able to cope with stress with healthier means and no longer emotional eat. 🙂

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