7 Great Foods to Fight Fat

7 Great Foods to Fight Fat

Not all foods are created equally—some tend to add fat while others fight fat. By swatting fat-building foods for fat-fighting foods, you won’t have to watch your portions quite as closely as you would otherwise. Everyone “knows” that grapefruit and rabbit food (lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, etc.) are diet foods, but we’re going to look at some foods that may surprise you and that can add variety to your diet.


Greek Yogurt

When you crave yogurt, steer clear of those grocery store brand, sugar-laden yogurts, and grab a container of Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt not only contains live cultures; but more importantly, because it’s strained, its protein content is much higher than regular yogurt. Protein keeps your hunger satisfied longer and you burn more calories digesting protein than digesting carbs.



Quinoa is a terrific, gluten-free alternative to rice. It serves the same purpose as rice on the plate, but it’s loaded with nutrients, protein and fiber. It’s the good-for-you alternative to rice.



Chile Peppers

Chile peppers not only spice up your foods, but they can heat up your metabolism as well—if only briefly—through a process known as thermogenesis. Whether or not they work, they’ll clear your sinuses, and you’ll fill up faster and eat less when you’re extinguishing flames throughout your meal.



While most fruits contain lots of sugar, berries can satisfy your fruit cravings for a fraction of the calories because of their reduced sugar content. You really get a lot of bang for your fruit buck with berries—particularly blueberries, which are good for the eyes. Berries of all types kick up your fiber intake, and that’s always good for weight control.


Sweet Potatoes

Yes, we said POTATOES! Sweet potatoes pack a lot of nutrition, particularly Vitamin A (over 400% of the daily value). Not only that, but substituting oven sweet potatoes for regular French fries will save you tons of fat and carbs, because you don’t need any condiments such as ketchup or mayo to make them taste great.



Swap your creamy salad dressings for a light oil and vinegar dressing. Studies suggest that vinegar may help to break down fat. Even if it doesn’t, you can fight fat by dressing your salads with a vinaigrette dressing.


Green Tea

Ditch the sodas and the diet sodas. If you’ve swapped your soda for diet soda, thinking that you’re going to cut calories, well maybe you will. But in this case, it’s not the calories that count. Some of the most popular commercial sweeteners actually increase the appetite. Learn to love green tea instead, because your body’s going to love it. Some studies suggest that green tea can help to dissolve abdominal fat and other studies show that it can oh-so-briefly speed up the metabolism. Regardless, it’s a healthier beverage.


In Summary

Eating right is not meant to be an exercise in deprivation. It’s more like an exercise in discretion and substitution. For almost any food you can name, there’s a similar substitute that fits well within the parameters of eating healthy. You just have to figure out what those substitutes are. Stay tuned, because we’re full of ideas on how to transition from eating everything in sight to eating healthy without feeling deprived.

7 Great Foods to Fight Fat: Dietminded.com

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