5 Ways to Reduce Fat Intake

If you’re used to eating a lot of fatty foods, and want to reduce fat intake , don’t expect to change your eating habits overnight. Instead, strive to evolve your habits instead of revolutionizing them. Take baby steps over time, and soon, you’ll look at food through a new pair of eyes.

Cut Back on Dairy

One of the easiest ways to cut back on diary is to substitute eggs or a dairy-free, whole food smoothie for cereal with milk in the morning. If you drink a lot of coffee with cream, try black coffee—it tastes much closer to way ground coffee smells. Limit your cheese intake to no more than a couple of ounces a day.

Eliminate Fried Foods

Fried foods absorb a lot of fat during the cooking process. “But I like my fries,” you say. Anything that can be deep fried can be oven-baked, and sometimes grilled, with just a drizzle of olive oil.

Reduce Salad Dressing Portions

Salad dressing is a condiment, not a food group. It’s meant to enhance the earthy natural flavors of salad greens and vegetables rather than to mask foods that are good for you. Start by limiting yourself to one tablespoon of salad dressing to a large salad. Soon, you’ll require no more than a teaspoon for the same amount of salad. If you toss the salad, you’ll distribute the dressing evenly throughout the salad, and a little will go a much longer way.

Eliminate Processed and Junk Foods

Processed and junk foods are not only drowning in fat, but they usually contain unhealthy fats. With all that we know about processed foods (and who knows what we don’t know), we’re better off restricting these foodstuffs. Learn to cook from scratch. Simple food that requires no more than 20 minutes to cook is just the prescription for maintaining a healthy diet. No one has yet to develop a medical problem from a potato chip deficiency. Ditto pretzels, cotton candy, etc.

Pop a few pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds or cashews for an occasional treat. What about chocolate? Yes, you can have chocolate—real dark chocolate, with a high cocoa content—in moderation. When the urge for a forbidden treat strikes, make it from scratch. If it doesn’t seem worth the effort, then it probably isn’t.

Eat Leaner Meats

Incorporate more fish and chicken into your diet, saving beef as a once-a-week treat. Pasture-raised beef is leaner, more nutritious and much better tasting than conventional beef. Yes, it’s more expensive, but if you’ve given up processed and junk foods, you may find the additional dollars necessary to feast like a king or queen on these foods. Instead of the occasional rib eye, substitute a sirloin steak. It’s a leaner cut of meat, cheaper, and full of flavor.


In Summary

Reducing fat from the diet isn’t meant to be an exercise in deprivation. In fact, if you do it methodically, making healthy, flavorful substitutions, you may awaken taste buds that you thought died long ago.

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