5 Tips That Will Keep Your Exercise on Track

5 Tips That Will Keep Your Exercise on Track

You’ve heard it over and over—“I WAS exercising, until . . .” It seems like work schedules, illnesses, family obligations, and a score of other factors conspire to keep us from sticking to our exercise routines!

Here are five tips that will help keep you moving so you can stay on the track to reaching your weight loss goals!

1. Start With a Healthy Routine

Get plenty of sleep. There’s no way around it, you need a good night’s rest to support your exercising. Don’t expect a workout to help you compensate for sleep deprivation! You can’t burn the candle from both ends. Also be sure to feed yourself hearty, low-fat, high-protein, complex-carbohydrate rich meals. Yes, there’s a good chance that you’re exercising to lose weight, but your muscles need quality material. Give them good stuff that they can use to burn off the bad.

2. Find What Works for You

The style of exercise that you choose is one of the most critical factors to sticking with a routine. Whether you run, play a sport, take a dance or aerobics class, or hit the free weights, be sure that you find something that you enjoy doing. The workout that you choose should suit your personality type (are you a loner or a groupie?) and your body (its type, fitness level, strengths and weaknesses). Some people love running and some people hate it. Don’t expect yourself to fit into someone else’s mold!

3. Find a Partner

Even if you’re a solitary exerciser, working out in tandem with a partner is one of the best ways to stay in the groove. If there’s no one available, consider signing up for a trainer or getting a dog. Dogs are some of the all-time best walking and running companions—they’ll be waiting for your workout time, every single day. Knowing that someone or something is waiting for you to get your butt in gear can be all that’s needed to keep you on track.

4. Try not to Miss Days

It seems like common sense—after all, getting out of the routine is what we’re trying to avoid. It’s all too easy to skip a day for a “just don’t feel like it” reason. Once the momentum is gone, it’s harder to get started again. Just go, already! You know you’ll feel great afterwards!

5. Mix it up

Even if you’ve found an activity that you love, we all need to challenge our muscles in order to make real progress, and we need to challenge our minds in order to avoid boredom. Take a class, try something new, or re-discover something old. Find ways to keep things exciting!

How do you stay on track?

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