3 Ways to Manage Portion Size

3 Ways to Manage Portion Size

One of the main causes of our current epidemic of obesity is that, in the last few decades, restaurants have been subtly increasing the amount of food they offer.

This technique was designed to impress customers with the generosity of the restaurant. Unfortunately as a result, we now live in a world of “all you can eat” buffets and limitless pasta bowls, where 32 ounce steaks and 64 ounce fountain drinks seem like normal portions!

1. Half Now Half Later

How can you help retrain yourself back to healthy meal proportions and shrink your stomach? First, experiment with cutting your current portions in half. For instance, if you have been consuming 12 ounce steaks, cut them into two 6 ounce portions, which is just about the recommend daily meat intake for an adult man. Red meat in general, should be consumed as little as possible because it has been associated with many health problems if eaten often over time.

When you eat at a restaurant, share a dinner entrée between two people or immediately have half of it boxed up for take-away. You’ll be amazed at how satisfied you’ll still feel when you’ve eaten half as much. As an added bonus, you’ll get at least two meals for the price of one! Don’t forget to skip appetizers whenever possible, because they are often very high in calories.

2. Smaller Plates

Another trick that may help is to consider using smaller sized plates. Although it seems silly, serving a 6 ounce steak on a lunch plate instead of an enormous dinner platter will actually trick your brain into believing that you are eating more—leading to you feeling satisfied and believing that you’ve had a full meal.

3. The Handful Rule

My last suggestion is to use the handful rule. Instead of measuring your meats and breads by the foot, keep all of your portions closer to the amount that fits in your palm. A woman’s palm is the measure of a portion of meat, as well as being a good guideline for limiting snacks and measuring out vegetable servings. Now ask yourself, how many handfuls in an “all you can eat” buffet?

Follow these portion reduction tips and you could cut your calorie intake in half easily!

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    I think Americans as a whole need to get back to the basics when it comes to meal planning and eating right. Knowing portion control is key to get back on track!

    Something I also find helpful is when you choose plates or bowls that are a different color from the meal your eating in order to visually see the amount of food your consuming. Here’s an example: if your eating pasta with marinara use a white bowl so that you can see the contrast between the two and can best gauge the right amount. Hope that makes sense!

    Great info!!

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