20 Wackiest Workout Products

20 Wackiest Workout Products

When it comes to getting in shape, most fitness experts would agree you don’t need anything fancy to get results. In fact you really don’t need any workout equipment at all, except maybe an exercise bike, dumbbells, workout bench, or something else classic.

Regardless of equipment, getting fit is not easy, but some products claim it is with their equipment. Check out these wacky workout products below and if you have used any of the equipment listed be sure to let us know your thoughts on them! If you want to know my recommendations for a basic home gym, check out the post titled Essential Home Gym Fitness Equipment for some timeless fat burning tools.

Crazy Workout Products

1. The Shake Weight

Seriously? Can you really call holding a piece of plastic while it shakes exercise? Get serious people!

2. The Flex belt

I can already see people sitting at home on the sofa chugging a beer, watching the game with this thing strapped on

3. Urban Rebounder

Stick to jumping jacks and jump roping. Bouncing on a trampoline takes away most of the cardio value from any sort of jumping motion.

4. Rack Workout

Another expensive and wacky workout product, whose results can be achieved with pushups and a cheap set of dumbbells.

5. AB Rocket

Why pay $100 for this when you can do a crunch for free? Getting abs isn’t easy and you won’t get them unless you lose weight first and do real crunches and sit-ups.

6. Ab Doer Twist

My back is shivering in fear as I watch this product in action. I think I’ll stick to sit-ups and crunches.

7. Hoopnoitca Travel Hoop

Since when does hula hooping get you in shape?

8. Ab Circle Pro

For people who want bulging side abs instead of a well-rounded mid section.

9. 3 Minute Legs

Squats and lunges are good exercises, but if you want to get into shape fast why would you use a product like this? If you can’t do squats without a machine, don’t do them.

10. Slim ‘n Lift

Ok, technically this is not a workout product. It’s for people who are soooo lazy, they would rather wrap themselves up like a sausage to try and hide their fat. Come on people at least TRY to exercise or diet.

11. The Thigh Master

I’m going old school with this one! Thanks Suzanne, but I’ll stick to yoga.

12. BodyBlade

If this list were in any order, this would be more towards the top and are they seriously charging $160 for a piece of metal with rubber grips?

13. Leg Magic

What’s really hard to believe is over 2 million people believe in Leg Magic.

14. Lifeline USA Jungle Gym

This thing looks just plain dangerous. Better hope those bands don’t snap.

15. Valslide

I’m not even sure what these really do, but I foresee many sprained ankles in your future…

16. Ab Roller

This seems more useful for wheelbarrow races than exercising.

17. Perfect Sit-up

Making sit-ups way more complicated than they could ever be. I bet you could do 40 sit-ups in the time it takes to even get into this thing.

18. Ab Slide

If only this thing had a built-in vacuum

19. Stamina Aerobic Step

A very expensive and very low height plastic step. Walking up a hill is cheaper and probably much more effective.

20. The Wave

Because working out isn’t hard enough. Try staying balanced the entire time! P.S. I love Richard Simmons and just thought it would be funny to use his photo for this post!

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